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What Strawberries Need

Soil: Mix a generous amount of Black Forest Organic Compost in with your native soil and Dr. Earth starter fertilizer.

Container Planting: If you are planting in a strawberry Jar or container use Gardeners Gold Organic Potting Soil.

Proper Planting: The crown should be above soil level
(a buried crown will rot): make sure all roots are covered.

Watering: Plants need consistent moisture during bearing season. Do not water daily.

Fertilizing: Feed June bearers twice a year-very lightly when growth begins and again, more heavily, after fruiting. Ever-bearing types prefer consistent light feedings. Heavy feeding of either type in spring leads to excessing plant growth, soft fruit, and fruit rot.

Thinning and Renewing: Crowning leads to diseases and lower yields of poorer-quality fruit. To keep a plant from becoming too dense, remove runners as needed. Get rid of older plants every few years and replace with new plants.

June-bearing types produce one crop per year in late spring or early summer; in general, they are the highest-quality strawberries you can grow. Ever-bearing or day-neutral kinds flower and set fruit over a longer season. Their harvest tends to peak in early summer, and then continue (often unevenly) through fall; the exact fruiting pattern depends on the variety. Ever-bearer put out fewer runners than June bearers.

  Strawberry 'Fort Laramie'

This is the hardiest ever-bearer, super-sturdy strain that thrives in all parts of the country and withstands the worst winters without mulch. Ft. Laramie is an ever bearing cultivar that produces a constant supply of berries throughout the growing season. Produces runners and bright red berries bursting with juice with a fresh honey-sweet flavor. Self-pollinating.

Strawberry 'Ozark Beauty'

'Ozark Beauty' is a longtime favorite and is excellent for preserves or freezing. Large red berries with mouth-watering flavor. The absolute hardiest, most vigorous and one of the heaviest producing ever bearing plants. You’ll be feasting on big crops of these exceptionally delicious scarlet-red berries from early summer until the first frost. All winter you’ll savor preserves and frozen desserts. This is an ever bearing strawberry that produces berries that are semi-firm, red clear through, and full of flavor. High-yielding plants and self-pollinating.

Strawberry 'Fresca'

This is the best seed grown, open pollinated, traditional strawberry. The delicious 1 inch berries appear all summer long on compact, runner less plants. Perfect for containers or raised beds. For the fastest crop start seeds indoors in winter and plant outside in spring.

Strawberry 'Temptation Ever-bearing'

An ideal strawberry for hanging baskets or containers, these vigorous, nearly runner less plants produce large, luscious dark red 2 inch berries beginning in early to mid-summer and continue fruiting until frost.

        Strawberry ‘Camarosa

‘Camarosa strawberry plants are have huge conical berries of excellent quality and bear over a long season.

Strawberry 'Chandler'

'Chandler' strawberry plants are very popular with commercial growers because of their high yield, brilliant fruit color, and excellent flavor. Fruit is medium to large, long to flattish wedge, moderately firm, juicy berries with good flavor, freezes well. 'Chandler' plants are a vigorous, early, midseason variety and must be well supplied with water and nutrients. Recommended for southern planting. Originated in California. Fruit flavor and color are exceptional on this southern variety. A vigorous variety; high yields have been experienced throughout the Carolinas and California.

Strawberry 'All Star'

Allstar strawberry plants, Fragaria 'Allstar', are a June-bearing variety that produces consistently large, light colored strawberries year after year. Allstar is very disease resistant and extremely hardy. Allstar strawberry plants bear in late midseason and produce large, sweet and juicy berries. The best strawberry for canning and freezing. Frost resistant. Excellent flavor with fruit that is big, firm, sweet, extra juicy and red.

Strawberry ' Quinnalt'

Quinault ever bearing strawberry is an excellent growing variety producing the largest, sweetest strawberries you'll ever taste! Ever bearing strawberries produce 3 harvests in the spring, summer and fall. Very disease resistant.

Strawberry 'Sequoia'

This excellent home garden variety yields exceptionally large, dark red fruit from late spring through autumn. Although it is June bearing, Sequoia strawberry plants produce like an ever bearing strawberry in mild climates, putting on berries through the warm season. In fact, some tags in the stores call it ever bearing. It is officially June bearing, but it produces longer--more like an ever bearing type in mild climates.

The berries are firm at first and soften as they enlarge. Resistant to powdery mildew. Sequoia strawberry plants are widely adapted, being recommended in gardens from California to Utah to Florida. Plant so that crown is just above soil level. Space transplants 18 inches apart.

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