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Sweet peas are one of the easiest and most rewarding flowers to grow in Orange County. They should be planted in late September through December or started plants through January.  Be sure to follow the instructions below for maximum bloom.


1.     Soak your seed over-night in warm water.

2.     Dig a trench one foot (or more) deep and six to eight inches wide.

3.     Fill the trench half way with Nurseryman's Bumpercrop and mix well with the soil in the ground. A garden fork works well for this job.

4.     Mix more Bumpercrop and a small amount of  Pre Plant Fertilizer with the soil taken out of the trench. Back-fill the trench with this mix leaving one inch of trench open to plant your seeds.

5.     Plant your seeds in the one inch deep trench, two to three inches apart. Cover them with an inch of soil you have left over or use some potting soil.

6.     Water thoroughly and as often as needed to keep the soil moist at the one inch seed level (a soaker hose works well). Over-watering, especially in the warm weeks of September, is the most common cause of seed failure. If this happens, start again at step one and then skip down to step six.

7.     Tall growing varieties will need a five to six foot support. It is best to provide this support now, rather than waiting until the plants are sprawling on the soil surface. Eight foot stakes are not too tall as one to two feet will be in the ground. Space these four to six feet apart and attach a trellis or netting on the stakes.

8.     Protect the new seedlings from snail & slugs by baiting regularly with Sluggo Snail & Slug Granules.

9.     Thin plants when they are five to six inches tall to space them about six inches apart. Yes - that means you have to pull a few plants out! Pinch the tips of the remaining plants to encourage them to branch.

10.Continue to water as needed and fertilize every two weeks with Bud & Bloom. Never let spent blooms turn into seed pods. Cut them off as you see them. For maximum bloom, cut the flowers often for bouquets and enjoy the fragrance. Cut a bouquet for every room in the house!

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